May 28, 2014

A kvetch about bad beats. And other stuff.

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Hello blogasphere. How’s it going?

Harry is four now. FOUR. He’s totally awesome. 95% super well behaved, and funny, and sweet.

Twin D has another baby! She is about as sweet as a two week old can be. When I met her at two days old, she was very calm, and I know it’s ridiculous to say but I really feel like she was looking at me a lot.

My job has been really crazy for the past three months, as I’ve been covering for another colleague who’s been out on medical leave. I’ve taken over 70% of her responsibilities, and they are, to put it lightly, not much fun. But they’re almost done, and then I can go back to just doing my job.

I’ve been messing around with online poker again after taking some time off - I find it a little easier to play it rather than video games sometimes at night when I’m tired. You don’t need the reflexes to play. However, I’ve got a small roll (aka not much money online) and I’ve lost 3/4 of it in less than a week. Some of it I will free admit was bad play (perhaps I should not play ANYTHING when I’m tired). But also, I’ve lost a very large number of hands with all of my money in the pot where I was WAY ahead - 80% to win preflop, 70% to win postflop, situations like:

Me - -Jerkoff
AA vs. QQ - Q on the board
AA vs. QQ - board has 9 10 J and K on it.
QQ vs. A10 - four nines on the board. The fourth on the river, of course.

I’ve lost to some four card flushes as well, where the other player had no reason to stay in, and I’ve run QQ into KK twice and AA once or twice too. UGLY.

I’ve tighten up a LOT and dropped down levels (as painful as that is) and will need to rebuild. Just like the good old days. So far it’s going a little better. I will consider moving back up with I double where I’m at now (which will get me halfway back to where I was before). . .

November 14, 2013

Dada’s Keys: A Cautionary Tale

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(with apologies to Knuffle Bunny)

Yesterday I had an all day training session at work, and PSB was working at home, and so I woke up a little earlier than usual to ensure I had time to get Harry to daycare and then to the session within a reasonable amount of lateness (just for the record, the training was for other people and I was just auditing). As we arrived to Harry’s classroom, I remembered that it was Show and Share Day, and that we were supposed to have something for Harry to show to his class and talk about. The letter of the week was “K”. I panicked, and then thought, “Hey, I’ll give him my keys! Perfect!”

Then I thought, “Is this a good idea? Maybe I should give him just a few of my keys? Do I have anything else in my bag that starts with K?”

Then I thought, “Nah. It’ll be fine, give him the whole ring. He won’t lose them.”

So I left my keys. All of them. House keys and office keys.

I began to have second thoughts as I walked towards the subway. I snarked on Facebook via my phone, “This isn’t going to end in disaster, right?”

When I got to work, I realized my first mistake - my office was locked, and I didn’t have the key, and my laptop was inside, which I needed for the training session. Fortunately, the admin right down the hall from my office had a master. I headed up to the session, a little bit but not outrageously late, and camped out for the day.

When I went to pick up Harry, I immediately went to his cubby, where my keys should have been waiting in the basket. Of course, they weren’t there.

I got Harry and his teacher, and we began to go through the classroom. Harry kind of understood that we were looking for something, but didn’t quite realize that we were going to be locked out of the apartment (PSB was supposed to be heading out to a show that night and would be gone by the time we got home.) I left the teacher and went to check at the front desk. The school administrator checked the lost and found, and had an envelope with keys in it! Except they weren’t mine. She then headed back to the classroom to search as well.

After ten minutes of searching, getting more and more frustrated, I gave up. I called PSB and asked her if she could stay home until we got back, and then I’d give her money so she could take a car to the theater. The teacher and administrator kept searching - they started going through other kids’ stuff. (I figured another kid had picked them up and brought them home, and hopefully a parent would find them and bring them back in the morning.)

As we were waiting for the elevator, I heard a triumphant cry - I turned the corner, and they had somehow found my keys! One of the kids had grabbed them at some point, but instead of taking them home, stuffed them in their bag which they had left at school. Hooray! Disaster averted. Barely.

December 13, 2012

Blog Kvetch. Hooray.

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I figured I’d post it here instead of the almighty Facebook for once. . .

The L train is 2 for 4 so far this week for completely sucking in the morning. More irritatingly, I’ve been waking up at a normal hour every morning due to morning meetings, and I was super late to one of them, and right on time for the others. This morning was a bad L train morning, but because I didn’t have Harry with me I just hoofed it to the G and took it to the 7, and made it just in time to grab a bunch of mini bagels and some coffee and a bottle of water (an actual bottle of water, something that’s become a scarcity around here, mostly it’s a good thing but every once in a while it would be really handy to have a bottle of water instead of having to find a pantry and use one of the filtered water dispensers). Somehow I didn’t win any awards during the meeting. I’m not quite sure why not, although the fact that they did not give an award out for slacking greatly diminished my chances.

That’s all for now. I totally should be doing this other work that I needed to do two days ago, but I’ve also had so many stupid meetings that I haven’t been able to do anything, slack-wise or work-wise. So now I slack for a minute, then I’ll totally do it. Like, really. I will.

In just a minute.

September 16, 2012

Two Sundays of Awesome, With Suck Inbetween

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Later today I’m heading to BAM to see Einstein on the Beach, which I was fortunate enough to see the last time it played at BAM, around 20 years ago. I am expecting it to be as incredible this time as it was back then.

A week from today, I’m leaving for Las Vegas for a quick jaunt. Twin A has been out there since the end of August, working his new job with Blue Man Group, helping them move and relaunch their show with a bunch of all new acts and costumes and such. Some of the new stuff was featured on America’s Got Talent earlier this week, and if the show is as good as what they featured on TV, they’re going to be in great shape:

Those suits are so sick!!!!! Also, I’m referring to my butt as either the Jumbotron, my two weird cousins, or my gross national product from now on. (I’m not so sure about the last one, but it amuses me whether or not it was actually in the song.)

Anyway, what’s even cooler about the trip is that Twin D is also coming! I’m a little sorry Twin B can’t make it as well, but we didn’t plan it or anything, Twin D just decided he wanted to go as well. We’re both staying at the Rio, I got comped and he got a really good rate, and we both got cheap upgrades to high level strip view rooms. We’re also renting a car, since we want to make it to locations off of the strip (Pinball Hall of Fame, here we come!, and I’ll be experiencing In and Out Burger for the first time) and we’d be paying so much in taxi fare that it just made sense to get a car. Twin A plans to take us to some amazing omakase on Sunday night once he gets off work. Then on Monday, Kissyfur ALSO heads to Las Vegas, so the four of us will go have some other insanely yummy dinner, then they’ll go off and be lovey and Twin D and I will get into as much trouble as possible before my flight Tuesday morning.

It’s an incredibly quick trip, but it was all I could make work since I’m pretty much out of vacation days and I need some for the end of the year when we head down to Alabama for Xmas.

So between today and a week from today, I have the work week, which is going to be pretty terrible. I have three mornings with a prompt 9 AM start time (yes, I know, cry rivers for me, I’m a lazy lazy man), and two of those mornings involve all day (well, one all day and one “half” day) meetings with a new team that I am starting to work with. I have been warned ahead of time that there may be a lot of griping during these meetings, as they’re coming together to talk about a new process that they’ve been working on, and comparing it with the old process (strangely enough, I’m only getting trained on the old process, as the new one is going to be theoretically learned by a new colleague). And the other morning I have to attend training for system that honestly I’m probably not going to use very much, but since we have a project right now that involves its use, I have to take the training. Blah.

Also, there’s a Moth on Friday, but that’s not sucky at all. That’s awesome!

March 16, 2012

Bad algorithm, Twitter.

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Suggesting that I follow Rick Santorum???

I should delete my account just out of principle.

June 23, 2011

Hard Drive #2 (not very electric bugaloo) Update

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The freezer trick didn’t work - it’s gone.

The backup from February will have to work. I think other than some crappy pictures that no one was ever going to see anyway, a few MP3s, and a Borderlands character who was pretty built up, everything else is okay. It’s just a matter of redownloading all the programs I lost.

And remembering to back up weekly from now on.

June 20, 2011


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Great Spruce Head Island was beautiful as usual. We had a lovely time. Harry especially enjoyed all the extra running around and lots of frolicking in the grass once the weather got nice enough (it was a little rainy the first few days).

We took a lot of pictures of him, as well as a bunch of seals we went by in the ferry on the way there, that I would upload to my photo site, except that somehow my hard drive on my personal computer shit the bed. If you recall, right around this time a year ago, my hard drive also shit the bed. This was the replacement drive, which was definitely supposed to last longer than this. It boggles my mind that I have hard drives that are years older that are still alive when I plug them in, but two newer ones in two years have both conked out? BLARGH.

I know I’ve backed up files at some point, but I don’t remember when. It’s a little heartbreaking. I’ve ordered a new hard drive again which will come in later this week, and once again, I begin to recreate my computer. I have to stick the old drive in the freezer once I can stick it in the static-proof bag that the new drive will arrive in, and then hope that somehow I can get it alive long enough to pull documents and pictures off of it. The rest I can just re-download or whatever. . .

May 28, 2011

The Joys of the Pee Fountain

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I had heard of the mythical pee fountain for ages - a rite of passage for all parents, that ill timing when your baby decides it’s time to let forth a giant stream of urine right as they are on the changing table, diaper off, about to get a clean one on, or getting wiped down. Somehow I had managed to avoid it - over 15 months and I never got directly peed on. Once or twice when he was very small and his diapers were too loose, he’d go and somehow it would shoot out of his diaper and onto me. But never a direct shot at me before.

Last night changed all that.

I should have sensed that something wasn’t right - he was a little out of it, and his behavior eating dinner wasn’t quite normal. Sure, he was eating what he wanted (the mac and cheese) and thoroughly rejecting what he didn’t want (green beans, which he normally likes) by pulling it out of his mouth and tossing it on the floor. But he just seemed a little off, and Hamilton wasn’t helping (he had been good all day when I worked from home, but from 5:00 pm on went into “I will scream because I can” mode). When I went in to change him, the diaper came off, I grabbed a wipe, and suddenly, there was a lot of pee everywhere.

Fortunately for whatever reason there wasn’t a lot of pressure behind the stream, so it remained pretty much in control and didn’t get anywhere near my face or my shirt. However, it did go all over him and the changing table. Also fortunately, this was before I had gotten his pajamas ready. I assessed the damage and briefly considered trying to just use baby wipes, but once I saw there was pee on his shirt, that was obviously going to need to go over his head to come off, I realized it was no longer feasible.

Off to the tub with you, pee machine!

A quick fun bath later, everything was back to normal. He had his bottle and I read him a zillion books, and then, off to sleep.

All things considered, I still got lucky. Another dad I know got pee in his eye. Ewwwwwwwwwwwww.

March 23, 2011

Bamboozled! (for five minutes)

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I am good at avoiding scams. I have only managed to almost fall for one email scam, and it was years ago, and as soon as I saw they were asking for my social security number I knew something was wrong. Nowadays with the automatic junk mail detectors and being able to see where links are directing you, it’s pretty easy to see what’s garbage and what isn’t.

However, last week I fell for something I hadn’t experienced before - a text message!

It was sent from an unverified number to my phone, which should have tipped me off, but for some reason I thought “Oh, it’s unverified because they’ve never sent to me before”. (In retrospect, I don’t know what I was thinking. I must have still been half asleep, or distracted by the baby or the bird.) I called the number the text told me to, and entered all the information they asked for (and no, they didn’t ask for my SS#), but when the automated voice just said “Thank you!” and hung up without connecting me to a bank representative, I knew something was wrong. I called my bank back and told them that I was concerned that I was an idiot, and they verified that, indeed, I was an idiot. They immediately canceled my card and ordered me a new one.

I then replied to the text message, “Screw you, scammer.” I don’t know if anybody got it or not.

So no harm, ultimately, since there’s no way they had my bank card information long enough to actually do anything with it. The only annoyance at this point is that it’s a week and a half later and I still don’t have my new ATM card yet. Hopefully it arrives today.

March 1, 2011

Hooray for the shared plague!

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Saturday night: Harry pukes. A lot.

Sunday night: PSB pukes. A lot.

Later Sunday night: Twin C pukes. A lot.

Monday night: Harry pukes. A lot more.

Not a fun weekend. . . hopefully everything is out of our system for now.

UPDATE: Tuesday afternoon: Harry pukes EVEN MORE!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

AND ANOTHER UPDATE: Wednesday morning: MORE HARRY PUKE!!!! Life is good.

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