September 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Twin B

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aka Brother Bacon

Have a super mega awesome day!

And get on Facebook already like a normal person.

February 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Harry!!!

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One year old today. I can’t believe it.

I’ve finally put up some more photos on his site:

October 16, 2010


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Here is KissyFur’s book on Amazon, available for pre-order.

It’s so beautiful!!!

September 28, 2010

Congratulations Twin A!

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and Ben Bartelle aka FutureBen, and Jason Cipriani aka The Nautilus (not really), and all of Image Node!

Petit Mal, a long time project of Twin A and teh boyz, won an editor’s choice award at the Maker Faire this past weekend!

It was also featured on NBC New York’s online slideshow coverage (slide 4).

Hooray!!! Now both he and KissyFur are going to be soooooooo famo!!! (KissyFur has a trilogy of YA books coming out, the first one out next year, and they are going to be GIGANTIC. More on them as they happen.) And Harry and I will lead their entourage!

March 21, 2010

We missed it again. . .

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Or at least I did. I have an excuse this year, right? Now that I have a baby?

HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY!!!!! Five days ago was the five year anniversary of the creation of the Polenblog.

May the kvetches come freely and quickly, and the suckouts happen to everyone else.

And may the other Polenberg twins post more than once a year this year.


February 26, 2010

Online Harry gallery!

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Here’s a bunch of pictures of our little dumpling.

Our little non-stop-crying non-stop-eating will-not-go-to-sleep-at-night dumpling.


February 18, 2010


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Well, PolenBaby #1, anyway.


Meet Harold Martin Polenberg, aka Harry, born at 7:03 pm on February 17th. He weighed eight pounds, five ounces, and was twenty and a half inches long. Baby is cute and cranky (just like his dad), Mom had to have a c section to get him out and had a rough go of it in general, but is feeling much better. (I would like to blog about the last 48 hours in general, but I think I should clear it with her first in case there’s stuff I would want to say that she’d rather not have put on the blog.)

I am stating for the record that while I will likely put up a lot of pictures, there is no way in hell I am blogging about what kind of baby food is his favorite, or how many poops he takes. Not a fricking chance. This blog will continue to be me bitching about poker and work, and funny links, and awesome pictures of Hamilton, who has lately been doing this really cute thing where he sticks his head into a mug and makes a low sound just so it will echo in it - I will have to try and get it on camera. But I digress. I will be a doting father, but not a dolt, at least when it comes to blogging.

I’ve had about five hours of sleep over the last two nights, so I’m going to go pass out now.

October 1, 2009

Oh, yeah, did I mention. . .

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This is from week 20.  We are on week 22. . .

July 27, 2009

Farewell, Sylvia.

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Our last grandparent, Grandma Sylvia, died this afternoon. She was my mom’s mom. She had not been in good shape for a long time, but she held on for a while. As Mom likes to say, she was a tough old bird.

March 20, 2009

It’s like it’s a relative’s birthday or something.

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Happy Anniversary Polenblog!!!!!!!!

Only four days late.

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